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Why Invest In Real Estate?

Better than stocks or mutual funds

Over the last 15 years, the average return in the stock market was 7.5%.

But what happens when you consider fees, taxes, and inflation? That return comes down to only 2.5%

Real estate syndications on the other hand typically see returns of 13% or more. And that's after you consider your fees and tax advantages.

Recession Resistant Risk Profile

Commercial real estate has proven to have a historically low risk profile.

When comparing volatility and delinquency to other assets during the 2007-2009 crisis, commercial real estate proved its low risk profile.

Commercial Multifamily real estate delinquency was 90% lower than the residential real estate rate.

There’s truly no other asset class with such a low risk profile and above-average returns.

Tax Advantages

One of our favorite reasons we invest in real estate is because of the tax advantages you can’t find anywhere else.

Whether its stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, crypto currency, or business entities, the tax advantages with real estate investing can’t be beat.

Why Partner With Us?


We identify, acquire, and cash-flow value add multifamily apartment communities with our investors, creating passive income backed by real estate!


With over 20 years in the financial investment space, we’re an open book to help answer any questions or concerns you might have about an investment opportunity. After closing with us, we provide monthly reports, so you know exactly what’s going on with your investment! 

Tax Advantages

Real Estate investments offer a unique tax advantage over almost every other asset class available! Our investors benefit from legal tax deferment & avoidance methods through the U.S. tax code. Such as depreciation, 1031 Exchanges and tax-free cash-out refinances.

Risk Aversion

Over the last few decades, Multifamily Apartment Communities have proven to be less volatile than the equities markets and residential real estate! During the 2007 - 2009 recession, Freddie Mac residential real estate loan delinquencies were upwards of 4%. While commercial multifamily loans delinquency was at 0.4%

Our Track Record

2600 +


$ 131437950 +


Our Process


We source & acquire strong assets that meet or exceed our conservative underwriting (financial analysis) criteria. These properties are always located in proven markets with strong momentum


Cashflow through real estate is kind of like dividends with stocks! In exchange for equity, the investor receives distributions from the properties’ cashflow. These are typically carried out on a quarterly basis

Forced Appreciation

Through forced appreciation, we’re able to increase the value of our assets by creating a greater NOI. This is done through a handful of strategies such as reducing expenses, raising rents, and creating additional income sources throughout the property.


It’s our mission to help people just like you capitalize on all the benefits of investing in real estate. From top to bottom, we’re constantly sourcing strong deals, sourcing financing, forcing appreciation and sharing the benefits with our investors.

Our Portfolio

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Hampton Townhomes

Crowley, TX–76 doors

Tuscano Village

renamed “The Enclave” Glendale, AZ–110 doors***

Courtyard Park Apartments

Abilene, TX–100 doors

The Palace apartments

Arlington, TX–280 doors***

Westcreek Townhomes

FortWorth, TX–50 doors

Brooklawn Springs

Dallas, TX–348 doors

El Rancho Escondido

Fortworth, TX–152 doors

Astoria Apartments

(name changed to “The Flats”)-San Antonio, TX–88 doors

Northridge Court Apartments

Cleburne, TX–86 doors**

*Riverwood apts, 50 Doors

506 W Orchard LnCarlsbad, NM 88220

Cielo Vista, 49 doors

601 W Orchard LN Carlsbad, NM 88220

Shadowtree Apartments

Houston, TX–428 doors

Crossings at Jackson Square

Houston, TX–73 doors

Crescent city Apartments

Houston, TX–328 doors

Casa Royal Apartments

Houston, TX–268 doors

Crossings at Bradford place

Houston, TX–178 doors

The Founder

Sandhya S Seshadri, CEO

Sandhya Seshadri has invested as a Limited Partner, Key Principal or General Partner in 3000+ doors totaling $200M in assets throughout the United States.

Sandhya has been a leader in the equities markets for over 20 years, and had moved into commercial real estate due to the tax advantages and the ability to uniquely “force appreciate” each asset. It’s become her mission to help other people capitalize on all of the benefits of real estate investing.

Sandhya is active in the Dallas-Fort Worth Multifamily real estate community, and
has a network of investors throughout the United States. She has shared her
inspiring story, knowledge and investment criteria on multiple real estate
investing events and podcasts.

Sandhya is passionate about personal and professional growth. She is active in
multiple mastermind groups focused on apartment investing to continuously stay
abreast of these changing times, and their impact on multifamily.

Sandhya has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth for over 30 years and this is her primary
market for investments. Her knowledge of the local market and neighborhoods
makes her the ideal “boots on the ground” asset manager for properties in
Sandhya has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering as well as
an MBA.

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